Tula and Amber’s Stories


Barely more than a puppy, Tula was found by a friend of REAN on a roundabout on a busy road, covered head to toe in ticks.  She was taken into care, given veterinary treatment, bathed and fed, and was shown love and kindness.  I’d never had a rescue dog before but I saw her photo on REAN’s Facebook page and before I knew what I was doing I was asking REAN if I could adopt her.  I felt so lucky when they agreed, especially as there was a queue a mile long of people who wanted her.  But equally, as a first-time adopter, I was scared of what I’d done.  What if I didn’t like her when I met her?  What if she didn’t like me?  What if I couldn’t cope?


I needn’t have worried.  When REAN’s founder, Bagdat, put Tula in my arms for the first time, it was like being struck by lightning; Tula melted into my arms and I fell in love.  We all cried.  I couldn’t understand how anyone could have thrown her out.  Despite all my concerns she settled in with us straight away and blossomed into the funny, lazy, beautiful girl she is today.  She even won the annual ‘Dog Of The Year’ competition run by our groomer!  She came on holiday to Cornwall with us and had the time of her life, taking to water as if she was born on a beach. 


I’ll never know her full story – whether she was loved and ran away, got lost, got left behind or just thrown out – but in the end it doesn’t really matter, someone else’s trash is my treasure.   



Amber came to us in February 2016.  She was found wandering between cars on a busy road and REAN took her into care.  We weren’t looking for another dog – we already had three! – but I took one look at her cheeky chops on REAN’s Facebook page and my hands started twitching over my laptop, and I thought “I just can’t let this one go”.  We had already had a brilliant experience with our other REAN rescue dog, Tula, and REAN are always there to support adopters, so we knew we could make it work.  I had a major wobble when I wondered just how I was going to walk four dogs at once but, ever the optimist, I just thought she’d make a fantastic companion for Tula and so it has turned out.  They are inseparable!  She is as cute as a button and full of sauce. 


As well as support from the REAN team, there is a growing number of adopters who contribute to a ‘Families’ group on Facebook.  This is a great place to visit if you need any help or advice, as I did when I discovered one of Amber’s less attractive habits (she eats poo!).  Her brother and sisters don’t seem to mind :o)


Tracey and Terry Walton

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