Zena’s Story (aka Lily)

July 2015 I lost my beautiful Una too old age, she was my shadow, my best friend.

My family worried to see me so heartbroken and wanted to buy me a puppy I said NO! I couldn’t replace her.

My niece Lucy sent me a picture via face book of a 3 year old girl called Lily, my first thoughts was NO but then I would take another look at this dear soul and another. She had survived on the streets of Romania then captured and put into a kill shelter to die! I read about REAN and the relentless job they do in saving as many precious souls as possible!

What could I do to help? Decision made I got in touch. On the 11/12/15 I met my beautiful Zena who is kind, intelligent and full of character. She has truly taken to her new life in Cornwall in her stride. She is no longer a unwanted, scared street dog and I am no longer heartbroken, a proper happy ending xx


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