Sponsor Testimony

I found out about R.E.A.N. quite accidentally after coming across one of their posts that one of my friends had liked on Facebook.

After having a look at their page and seeing some of the horrific shelters these dogs are rescued from I wanted to help. I was horrified at what I read. But it wasn’t just the shelters that horrified me, I couldn’t believe the amount of dogs thrown out on the streets, unwanted, left to fend for themselves, some suffering awful abuse, receiving terrible injuries just left to die.

I try to help out with as many organisations as possible working with animals but because I have dogs myself I particularly feel their abuse more – I know the trust and love these dogs give us humans.

REAN needed sponsors for some new rescued pups at the time and I decided I wanted to help. It was nice being able to name the pup and I asked regularly for updates. When a little girl was brought in that had to have her leg amputated after an accident and they asked for help with donations and a sponsorĀ  I just knew I had to offer. It made me feel so good seeing this girl get over her injuries and then be offered a home.

I may not be able to help out directly but this is the next best thing and I get so much out of it, especially when I get to see pictures of these dogs in their new homes -safe, warm, comfy and loved.

You might not be able to offer a dog a home but you can make a difference to it’s life – REAN have taken the first few steps by saving them, giving them shelter, food/water+vetinary care if needed.But you can make sure that care continues +watch how that dog turns from a scared,hungry animal into a loved family pet.

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