Beautiful Dory was abandoned by the side of a busy road in Romania. It was obvious that she’s given birth to multiple litters, but there was no puppies in sight. Someone probably bred her and abandoned her once she was no use to them anymore. She was found desperately crying her puppies, and in fact it took her a couple of weeks to settle as she was constantly crying. Dory is around 4 years old, very friendly with other dogs and people, spayed, vaccinated and chipped. She has one odd blue eye. Is there anyone out there who would adopt her and make her forget about her sad past? Please share and contact us if you wish to adopt Dory. Thank you

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  1. Hilary butcher says: Reply

    I think dory is lovely. Is she any good with cats?. I have a cat I rescued from cyprus. She is 7 years old. I am very interested in her. Can you tell me more about how theprocess works please

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