Can we please have a massive share for 7-year-old Max? He’s not had any interest yet 💔😢 he is very friendly with dogs and cats and loves people. He’s stuck in a tiny kennel. Please help us find him a home. He was abandoned by the relatives of his dead owner :(((( thank you

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  1. Catia Dores says: Reply

    I have a female dog and a cat, as soon aS I saw Max I fell in love my dilemma is I would love to offer him a home but can’t commit without knowing for sure how my pets would receive him in our home, for that reason and not to let him down in case it doesn’t work, I would really really live to offer him a foster home her with me in the UK, my hope is that during the foster time if it works then I could welcome him forever in our family if it doesn’t work, then at least his not waiting in a cold kennel and he’s part of a family being loved until he finds the right home.
    Please consider my offer of fostering❤️❤️❤️

    Kind regards
    Catia Dores

    1. Thank you so much for your interest in Max. A member of the team should email you very soon to talk through the adoption process.

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