Meet The Team

Bagdat Ozarlsan

Bagdat is the founder of REAN, and has been involved in rescuing stray animals in Romania since 2012. She works alongside the UK and the Romanian teams, and is the driving force behind both teams. She lives in Essex, but travels to Romania frequently to visit our sanctuaries, deliver aid, assist with rescuing dogs, and has regular meetings with our vet teams and staff at the sanctuaries.

Dadiada Dumitrescu

Dadiada was born in Romania, and has been actively rescuing street dogs from a very young age. She is the co-founder of REAN, and is very hands on with the management of both sanctuaries in Romania. Her role varies from managing staff to arranging vet visits to sanctuaries, regular visits to kill shelters to monitor and rescue dogs.

Catalina Patrascu

Catalina joined our team three years ago. She is hands on with rescuing injured and vulnerable street dogs on a daily basis. She regularly visits both sanctuaries and is in charge of urgent cases needing medical attention. She spends most of her time going back and forth to the vets with injured stray dogs, and ensuring that shelter staff is providing appropriate care to our injured and disabled animals. Catalina also arranges local volunteers and communities to visit our sanctuaries and socialise with our rescue dogs.

Bethan Evans

Bethan joined REAN in 2015, after adopting her dog Holly. Bethan has been a great asset to our team. She is one of our co-drivers on our transport team, and is in charge of adoption of our dogs. Her role involves speaking to potential adopters, arranging home checks, aid collections and hands on rescuing when she drives over to Romania.

Joanne Fieldsend

Joanne joined the team three years ago, after adopting two REAN dogs! She is known as the ‘Iron Lady’ of the team, and offers advice to members in difficult circumstances. She is also one of the co-drivers and makes regular trips to Romania. Jo’s role involves local fundraising, speaking to potential adopters, home checking, and rescuing dogs from kill shelters with the team.

Amy Bentham

Amy joined REAN recently, and she is the guru of the digital arena! She created this website and is very active in helping our dogs, by finding them homes. She places adverts on websites, speaks to potential adopters, and gets involved in local fundraising.

Cesar Vulcano

Cesar has been supporting REAN endlessly ever since adopting his first Romanian rescue dog, Marley. He was so touched by the plight of Romanian dogs, that he also adopted his sponsor dog Kenny. Cesar constantly fundraises for the dogs and donates items from his shop. Not only Cesar has given a second chance to both Kenny and Marley, but he constantly raises awareness for the Romanian dogs and helps all the time. Cesar lives in Kent, and coordinates our home checks in the area.