Sponsor a Dog

Here at REAN our aim is to make sure that each and every animal that comes into our care gets all the love, attention and safety that they need until they are ready for us to help find them a family of their own. By sponsoring a dog you are a vital part of making a difference to their lives by helping them out until they find a home.

We do our absolute best to find the right homes for all the animals that come into our care and so we do put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that these poor animals do not have to stay with us any longer than they have too so you may find that you then get to be able to be a part of helping so many different dogs not just one.

By sponsoring a dog you are helping to ensure that they get all of the veterinary treatment and care they need. You are also helping to make sure that they get there necessities in life such as food in their tummies and somewhere safe to stay until their forever home comes along.

By being a sponsor your kindness and support will make an incredible difference in how their stories end and we don’t accept anything less than

Happily Ever After.

All Dogs are available for sponsorship so please do take a look and contact us if you are interested in sponsoring one of these precious animals.

Please read what one of our amazing sponsors has to say …